20 iulie 2013

Sun Festival

Raja is really happy to announce that it will be a part of the first edition of Sun Festival in Hungary.

❤ Day-time juggling and workshops
❤ Glow and led spinning moments
❤ Fire juggling freestyle performance

Solar United Natives – Following our Sun...

We are true friends of Nature.
Our final aim to use the renewable and 100% environment-friendly energy sources instead of the old fixed line utilities. In our Eco Village experiment we are trying to set up a more natural, harmonic and fair system to try out the new ‘paradigm shifting’ ways and then share our instructive experiences with the world.

We are free.
Each of us is a magical universe that can not be put in any boxes. We must support all kinds of art and self-expression techniques to teach and learn important non-verbal knowledge. We will provide workshops and other possibilities for creative artists to introduce and develop their special genius, because we think that a better working and much happier society would consist people taught to use their skills and talent.

We are one.
Self-controlling, direct-democratic, Nature and Life loving festival… Our settling community is well aware of the great possibility and responsibility that we get with the power of the special human capabilities: the creativity of the mind, the feelings of our soul, the strength of our mutual interactions, and our continuous impact on the surrounding Universe

Official Festival site: here
Facebook event: here

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