29 august 2013

Bazna hills happening

Amanatura is a film-trilogy, which even now, that it reached the third part, did not become commercial, and all the actors are playing themselves.

This year, unlike previous years, it's 2013. Otherwise, the grass is still green, the forest is still misty, and the nature is everything, and if you treat her right, she will thank you by giving you life.

The nature has given Eujah the wood to build the four speakers for Genmaica Sound Systemthe  rainbow-sound-system that transmits colorful vibes. Whether you will hear dub, reggae, funk, hip hop, jungle, techno and electro, we promise a sound that will make even the trees to stretch their limbs.

Raja & friends will enlighten your evenings at Amanatura III , warm your nights with fire show and during the day you can learn how to juggle with us.

Official Festival site: here
Facebook event: here

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